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How do I access my SMB (windows) shares?

The easiest way to add a share is from Xeno file browser, the overflow menu (depending on your device - if it has hardware menu button then you have to tap it) and depending on your language, you should see an entry like "Open network...", entering path and credentials there should
  • add credentials for the selected path
  • add selected path to "network favorites" entry in xeno: filesystem
Generally you edit credentials from "Where's my music" (do it the same way, as described here). This will only add credentials, though, not network favourite. Mind that due to some bug in jcifs network neighborhood will not be visible if you have a PDC or some other credentials enforcing. I've removed mine due to this.
When you can browse your share either via network neighborhood or network favorites, you can play your music by taping track icon. Of course you can add these tracks to any of your playlists as usual.
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