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How do I shuffle all my tracks?!

First you should know you're a pervert. The thing you want to do is sick, for music's sake! But who am I to judge you?

Of course XenoAmp can do that, there are three ways to achieve it. The EASY, the OBVIOUS and the SMART. Click "next" button to see The EASY!

The easiest and most fun way to shuffle all your tracks is telling Xeno to do so. I've created it so you can't say shuffling all tracks in XenoAmp is difficult.

If you're interested in talking to your phone, see more XenoAmp voice commands!

Second way is to add all tracks to some playlist and then shuffle them.

This will create a list with all current tracks. If you add new tracks you will have to add them manually to just created playlist. But there's a better and smarter method! Click next to see it!

So now for best way. Start as previously:

But since this entry is just a virtual container with all currently existing tracks, it will always have all your tracks, even if you add some new files to XenoAmp.

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