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How do I shuffle all my tracks?! - obvious

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Second way is to add all tracks to some playlist and then shuffle them.

  • With XenoAmp file browser, go to xeno: root directory (it's above normal root) and select "Meta Playlists"
  • Tap "Everything" entry (alternatively if you have a lot of tracks it might be wiser to go to "Your DJ" an then "100 random tracks", this will save you a lot of memory!).
  • Now open playlist drawer and select the playlist you want to use (or create a new one).
  • Tap toggle icon to put all tracks into selected playlist (first icon on screenshot, with +)
  • Unfold playlist drawer, tap sort icon (two overlaping arrows) and select "shuffle".

This will create a list with all current tracks. If you add new tracks you will have to add them manually to just created playlist. But there's a better and smarter method! Click next to see it!